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BIGI is a content application for children and youth.
The app offers a wide variety of TV shows, series, movies, content from the world of influencers, exclusive content for the app of network stars for children and thousands of hours of content from Israel and the world.

In the application, you can watch live broadcasts from the children’s channel, the Logi channel, the Moonbag channel for toddlers, and also enjoy a huge VOD library that includes, among others, the programs: Kocomlon, the boys and girls, Galis, Arthur, Elisha, Oboy, the eight, the pajamas and more!

Viewing the application will be possible on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Anytime and anywhere!

Easy registration on the website, download the BIGI app from the app store and start watching!!

System Segment: Full-Blown OTT TV Service.

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Pillartech - Customized Offshore Teams


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Pillartech - Customized Offshore Teams
Pillartech - Customized Offshore Teams

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