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What industries does Pillar serve?

Since 2015 Pillar’s developers were successfully involved in projects in various industries such as hospitality and travel, transportation optimization, gaming, broadcasting (OTT), architecture, fintech, and many more (see our portfolio for more details). We are open and capable to assist in projects in any industry.

Would you be able to assist me in a short term project?

Pillar has a large pool of talents available at any time. Therefore, We can assist and be a significant part of any project, short or long.

What if I have an internal IT department?

We can work alongside your internal IT team to help provide additional support and resources as needed. Ultimately, the decision to utilize our services will depend on your organization’s specific needs and goals.

What type of services do you offer?
  • A team to be managed by you-if you are looking to enlarge your existing technical teams we can build up such a team .

  • Semi-Managed Team-If you are looking to outsource parts of the project without the need to manage each developer directly.

  • Fully Managed Team-ideal for Clients looking to just define the product requirements and would like us to handle all the rest. Beyond recruitment, placement, and operative management of the employees, the customer receives technical management of the team. In addition, product characterization and design are also offered – an end-to-end service from the characterization level to the finished product.

What is the cost of your services?

The cost is dependent on several variables such as position, seniority, etc. Before we begin screening candidates for the position you will receive a full disclosure of all the predicted costs range. After we have found the relevant candidate, we will send a specific price offer.

If it is project work, we will send a price quote for the project and a time frame for execution.

What is your employment model?

The employees are employed by Pillar and provide their full service to customers.

As part of the activity, the employees can be employed on an hourly/project/full/half-time basis.

Where are the employees located?

a large number of our employees are located in Eastern Europe but we are capable of locating and hiring anywhere on the globe.

How do you opperate when your costumer is in a deferant time zone?

We adjust our schedules to accommodate customers in different time zones. If needed we’ll work outside of our typical work hours to provide support to customers during peak hours in different time zones.

How do I start outsourcing with Pillar?

We start with a kickoff meeting in which we’ll define the manpower needed.

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What additional fees should I expect?

We are obligated not to add any additional charges on top of the fees in the initial price range submitted

What is the differentiation of Pilar as an outsourcing company compared to other outsourcing companies?
  • on top of recruitment, we provide managed services.

  • Without any commitment on the client’s part, we guarantee a 14 days trial after recruitment, a 3 months trial period for any new employee, and an easy and hassle-free termination of work.

  • We provide management systems that allow the client to track, monitor and manage employees remotely.

  • We have broad technical experience and we cooperate with technological leaders in the Israeli industry

  • We consider ourselves as business partners, therefore our conduct stems from our commitment to the success of all parties.

  • High employee retention-Our attitude towards our employees as a community (events, benefits, empowerment, and deepening of their knowledge) ensures their retention over time as well as satisfaction which is reflected in the quality of their work

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Pillartech - Customized Offshore Teams


“Ask Pillar for an overview and get ready to be blown away by a platform that gives you exceptional control on everything from budget planning to team engagement and performance. You will also  admire the benefits of outsourcing your projects to dedicated, satisfied workers. We have been working with Pillar for 4 years now, which resulted in us saving over 40% on manpower. As of today, we have 76 team members with Pillar – giving us a real edge over our competition.”

Michael R
Founder, VP R&D and CTO, Fornova

Pillartech - Customized Offshore Teams
Pillartech - Customized Offshore Teams

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